The Value of Adding Decorative Mirrors to Your Home

The Value of Adding Decorative Mirrors to Your Home

Posted by | 13-03-2019
Decorative mirrors are now being used in homes throughout the region to add a distinct style to various rooms. Decorative mirrors are most often used within the bathroom, where they can be used to blend other design elements such as tiling and faucets and create a unified appeal that enhances the value of both the room and the property overall.By learning more about decorative mirrors, it’s critical that you work with a company that offers the highest quality mirror products for use in your home. We’re the leaders in this area and in this new post, we’ll delve into the value of adding decorative mirrors to the home.

Make a Bold Design Statement

When you use decorative mirrors within your home, you’re making a bold design statement. You’re showing that you hold the value of the aesthetics within your home highly and that you have a clear understanding of design work.

Capture Attention

Our eyes are automatically drawn to mirrors. When you visit a home, it’s one of the first design elements that you’ll notice when you enter. And so it’s important that you take the time to review the value that a decorative mirror can bring to your home. Many are now taking the time to add decorative mirrors as a showpiece within their home, to immediately show guests that they value the aesthetics of the space.

Incorporate a Design Theme

Another great benefit of decorative mirrors if they can be integrated with your overall design theme. When you’re looking for a way to add simple elegance to the property to align with your classical design, you can add decorative mirrors. Because of the broad range of styles to choose from, you can find the right product for your home with precision.

Provide a Focal Point in Small Rooms

Whether used in the bathroom or the living room, a decorative mirror can provide a focal point that brings the entire room’s design together. This is ideal for those smaller rooms such as you might find in a condo or apartment, in which the lack of space can be highlighted by a busy design scheme. Using a decorative mirror is often the best way of bringing the design together to focus on the aesthetics rather than the limited space in the area.

Capitalize on Lighting

When you have a limited amount of light in the home, you can work with decorative mirrors to ensure the light that is available fills an entire room. You can hang decorative mirrors below lamps to ensure the light bounces off and across the area. And you can work with multiple decorative mirrors in larger rooms to focus the light in key areas. This commitment to functionality in design can help ensure that you achieve full value for your investment in decorative mirrors.

What to Consider When Buying Decorative Mirrors

Now that you have a little bit more information about the value that decorative mirrors can bring to your home, it’s important to focus on the process of buying decorative mirrors. Make sure you consider the following:

1. Your space

How much space is available in your home and can you easily fit a decorative mirror within the space? When used effectively, decorative mirrors can help open up a room and bring together your interior design, but if the mirror is too large for your space then it can make an already cramped area feel even smaller. Make sure you measure the room and mirror carefully to ensure the right match for your property.

2. Consider blending colours

Does the colour of the mirror framing blend with the colours currently in the room? The colour palette should be carefully considered before making any new additions to the area. But this is especially true of decorative products whose primary function is to add design appeal to the home. The tones of the mirror frame and the current tones in the room don’t necessarily have to match completely, but you should consider how well the colours go together. For example, if you’re looking for a modern aesthetic approach, you might consider blending brighter blues and reds, while a classical approach might involve silver, white, and black-toned frames.

3. Reflected light

How is the reflected light from the mirror going to impact the space? Will it help to open up the space or will the light simply go into the eyes of the person sitting on a nearby couch? You should consider how the lighting will change within the room as a result of adding the decorative mirror, and whether you can change the effect based on mirror placement. Oftentimes, finding the right placement for the mirror is as difficult as finding a quality decorative mirror.

4. The manufacturer

Who is manufacturing your decorative mirror? How much experience does the company have in working with glass products? You don’t want to go through the process of finding a mirror and choosing the ideal place for it in your home only for the glass to degrade over a few months.Make sure you take the time to review the company’s credentials and consider how they go about creating your mirror for you. Get all the details in writing before buying your product, and ensure you ask about maintenance instructions so you can keep your new mirror in optimal condition.To learn more about choosing a decorative mirror for your home, call Glass Showers and More at 416-800-1156 or contact us here.

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