Easy ways to clean your mirror

The Best Way You Can Clean Your Mirror

Posted by | 29-11-2019

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to clean the bathroom mirror only to make a worse mess than the one you started with. From toothpaste speckles to water residue, bathroom mirrors take quite a splattering.

Unfortunately, like any glass product, bathroom mirrors are prone to streaking and smudging easily. It takes a keen cleaner to get a streak-free shine on the first time, or does it?

Glass Showers and more deal with a lot of glass products. We mean a lot! So, we have some insight into what it takes to keep these items clean. We know how dirty bathroom mirrors get, even when we’re not touching them.

That’s why we’ve developed this list of mirror cleaning and maintenance tips to help you get that squeaky clean feel on the first wipe. Here’s what you need to know.

Mirror Cleaning and Maintenance Tools

Every homeowner has a supply of mismatched cleaning items ranging from feather dusters to wash rags. While some jobs go just fine sharing tools, others require their own set of cleaning instruments.

For mirrors, start with a soft microfiber cloth. Look for one with a flat weave; this helps reduce the exchange of lint or debris as you wipe. Other items to invest in include:

  1. Chemical-free glass cleaner

    You can make your own glass cleaner with one-part white vinegar and one-part water. Mix in a spray bottle and shake well before use. Spray the mirror lightly, as too much will cause runs and streaks.

  2. Standard glass cleaner

    Any name brand or unbranded glass cleaner will work. Just be sure the bottle specifies glass, as multi-surface cleaners won’t leave the same shine.

  3. Rubbing alcohol

    The amazing thing about rubbing alcohol is its ability to evaporate after use completely. This removes bacteria and dirt without leaving soap residue on the glass.

  4. Cotton pads

    This is the most compatible tool for rubbing alcohol. The cotton pad absorbs enough alcohol that it doesn’t evaporate before you have an opportunity to use it, but it won’t drip all over the mirror as you go.

These are a few of the top tools professional cleaning services and glass companies recommend for mirrors. Remember, to get the clearest reflection possible; you want to use the least amount of product.

Commence the Pre-Clean

If you begin with glass cleaner as your first step, you’ll simply wind up rubbing around dust, toothpaste and other bits of splatter on your mirror.

Before polishing, you should clean fingerprints, smudges, makeup residue, and other debris from the mirror with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad. Moving top to bottom left to right, and getting into the corners of the frame, will produce the best results.

You may need to perform this task twice, depending on how stuck on and stubborn the smudges and stuck-on particles are to remove. Once the mirror looks as though it’s clear of mess, wipe it with your microfiber cloth just to ensure everything is dry and clean.

Give it the Old Razzle-Dazzle

With the smears and splatters gone and your mirror looking a bit cleaner, it’s time to polish. Shining up a mirror is a simple combination of applying the thinnest spritz of cleaning solution possible and wiping in a way that doesn’t streak.

Whether you use vinegar and water, or a branded glass cleaner, spray the mirror lightly so that you can see a misting of product, but it isn’t dripping down the glass.

Now, fold your microfiber cloth in half once, and again. This provides four even layers to use throughout your cleaning practice. Working from the top left corner of the mirror, swipe your cloth over to the right top corner.

Next, wipe down into the bottom left corner and over to the right bottom corner. Continue the “z” motion as you clean until the liquid is gone, and the mirror is shining.

If you notice smudges or areas are looking like they could use an extra wipe with the cloth, choose a clean, dry side of the microfibre cloth and wipe again. If a follow-up inspection shows a hint of any extra toothpaste or gunk, you’ve missed in the process, spray a small spritz of cleaner on the corner of your cloth to wipe it away. Give the area a polish with the dry side of the cloth.

Preventative Cleaning

When it comes to mirror cleaning and maintenance tips, it’s not just the “dos” you should consider, but also the “don’ts”. Not all cleaners and tools are equal. Here are a few things to avoid while washing your mirror.

Avoid Wiping a Steamy Mirror

It’s an instinct to wipe the mirror when you step out of the shower. For one thing, it’s completely fogged up and difficult to see your reflection. Wiping the hot steam around is certain to cause smears and smudges on the glass as soon as it dries.

Don’t Use Paper Towels

The most common tool we hear about our clients using to clean glass and mirrors is a paper towel. A paper towel seems like a great glass polishing tool as it’s soft, light, and disposable.

Unfortunately, the way paper towel is made, it transfers tiny particles of paper onto the surfaces it cleans. For a mirror, which shows every imperfection ten-fold, it’s crucial to avoid leaving behind residual bits of paper.

Nix the Non-Glass Cleaners

Counter cleaners work great on counters and oven cleaner works well in the oven, but none of these cleaners will keep your mirror clean. Glass cleaner is the best cleaning solution to use on a mirror because it’s designed to leave a streak-free shine. Some other cleaners leave a residue behind, which is visible when the mirror dries.

For more tips on cleaning and maintaining the glass and mirrors in your home, call Glass Showers & More at 1-416-800-1156 or contact us here.

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