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The Best Uses for Decorative Glass in Your Office

Posted by | 20-01-2020

Decorating your office is important for creating strong first impressions. Whether you are interviewing top talent or entertaining clients, you want your office to make a statement about your success. Decorative glass offers an innovative solution for your interior design. It’s a customized design feature often overlooked despite its ability to create unique, intriguing features. Glass design elements allow you to tap into the latest trends from green terrariums to waterfalls. Whether you want a simple wall protector, partition walls, furniture, or intricate glass etching and sandblasting designs, here are the best uses for decorative glass in your office:

Eco-Friendly Natural Light

Today’s businesses are focused on social consciousness. Using decorative glass in your office allows you to support your commitment to the community by making your operation more energy efficient. Many buildings and offices are using glass walls, ceilings, flooring, and staircases to help harness the natural light coming into the workspace. Replacing solid walls with glass allows you to filter natural light efficiently throughout a workspace, so everyone avoids the harshness of overhead lighting commonly used in offices. It makes workers happier while increasing energy efficiency. Outside offices with windows can use etched or sandblasted glass to provide privacy while still allowing natural light to reach the inner workspace.

Statement Walls

Glass can be painted to create statement walls using your company colours. This custom look keeps you true to your brand and allows you to create focal points, whether it’s behind your reception desk, in your halls, or in your meeting rooms. You can colour the glass itself, or apply glass over your statement walls with murals, logos, and other artwork.

Wall Protection

Wear and tear can make your office look worn and poorly maintained. You can use glass as an easy-to-clean layer of protection in major traffic areas. To combine form and function, you can choose customized etching or sandblasting to create a striking effect that takes bland walls and turns them into a distinct décor feature.

Decorative Balustrades

To create a high-tech contemporary look, glass balustrades offer a chic and stylish appearance that’s simplistic yet impactful. As mentioned above, they can allow natural light to enter the inner areas of the office. As well, they offer an unexpected design feature that can be pure and clear or highlighted with a myriad of dramatic design features from frosting to bespoke logos.

Floors and Stairs

For a truly ultra-modern look, glass floors and stairs create a futuristic impression that’s both elegant and sophisticated. They can be used in several different settings to create a light-filled workspace that is airy and easy on the eyes. Floors can be crystal clear or accented with various colours or finishes. Not to mention that they’re surprisingly durable and easy to clean. Etching and sandblasting can make them less slick without taking away from the one-of-a-kind look they bring to your space.

Break Rooms

Office kitchens keep people close to work while providing a perk, especially when the coffee is free, and the snack cupboard is full! Break rooms with sinks and counter space can be jazzed up with a glass backsplash with custom colours to reflect your brand. Or it can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere where staff can take some time away from their desks. Available in custom colours and finishes, your design options are endless.

Staff and Client Bathrooms

While office bathrooms don’t usually include showers, many offices today are opting to offer full bathrooms to help support their employees’ healthy lifestyle choices. Workplace showers are growing in popularity, as they allow staff to bike and walk to work without worrying about being sweaty all day. Showers can also be used by those who wish to work out on their lunch hours, allowing them to refresh themselves before they get back to work. Showers with frosted glass allow workers to shower in private. They are attractive and practical, as they are mould and mildew resistant. However, glass can also be used to create stunning client bathrooms with glass counters, backsplashes, and even elegant, modern frosted partition walls between stalls.

Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke glass furniture provides one-of-a-kind pieces that make a statement. From conference tables that appear to hover in meeting rooms, to ultra-modern, sleek desks for executive offices, glass furnishings can be designed to reflect a number of design styles. Simple touches such as glass coffee tables and lamp tables keep smaller spaces light and airy, while prominent walls can be made more interesting with elegant hall tables and large-scale mirrors. Glass furniture can be left clear to provide the illusion of space, or painted or frosted to add more design detailing and a little more substance. Display cases can also be designed to show off your wares, the materials you use, antique industry-related finds, awards, and more.

Office Partitions

Instead of the dreary cubicle walls used in office spaces, glass partition walls provide privacy and soundproofing while also maintaining the illusion of open-concept workspaces. As already mentioned, glass walls are the ideal solution to bring in more natural light to workspaces, but they can be used in any area a wall would commonly appear. Walls can be set up floor-to-ceiling, or at any height required. Frosting or paint can be used for privacy, while etching can be used to create a more defined design element. As well, etching can be used to define departments using text, logos, or motifs.

Open Elevator Shafts

Glass elevator shafts create open spaces while providing intriguing views of the building and its surroundings. Elevator shafts do not have to be outward-facing to create an exceptional architectural feature. Elevators in the center of your lobby, or even on a single floor, can have glass walls installed.

Visitor Workstations

You can create a section of visitor workstations where clients can make calls, have access to a desk and computer, or plugin to recharge their own devices. Ultra-modern work “booths” made of glass provide privacy without taking away from the look of your modern office. You can also provide additional workstations to accommodate the nomadic office worker who might need a quieter space to work in open-concept offices, or for mini brainstorming sessions, one-on-one interviews, employee reviews, and offline conversations.

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