Reasons to Use Architectural Glass

Reasons to Use Architectural Glass

Posted by | 27-03-2019
Architectural glass is a style of glass used as a building material. In recent years, many commercial and residential construction companies are now harnessing architectural glass in their projects. In this latest post, we’ll explore architectural glass and explain the benefits that it can bring to your property.

Allows in Natural Light

Builders are continually seeking out ways to bring natural light into their properties; architectural glass is one of the best options in many cases. The highest quality architectural glass allows light to enter the rooms in the building directly. In offices, in particular, this level of natural light is essential.In years’ past, commercial construction teams have come under fire for building stale properties that see office teams working in near darkness or relying on artificial light. As the latest studies show, access to natural light is essential to our wellbeing, and so using architectural glass panels to surround office spaces can help office teams work more productively in an environment designed for their psychological comfort.

Reduced Energy Bills

Companies across the country are always looking for ways to reduce their energy costs. It’s one of the main challenges within the construction field, where the focus is on minimizing expenditure and bringing natural light into the property. Architectural glass is ideal for this type of application because it allows a constant stream of natural light into the property. This is essential for helping growing organizations mitigate their lighting costs.The latest data shows that artificial lighting accounts for between one-third and one-half of all energy costs within the average commercial building. Architectural glass can be critical in mitigating these high energy costs and ensuring that building owners conserve their resources ready for expenditure on other areas of the business.

Simple Branding and Decor

Interior designers can use architectural glass as a clean slate on which to create their ideal aesthetics. This can often be essential for companies in building their optimal environment. They can use architectural glass as the foundation and then add decals and other branding materials to highlight the company’s trademarks.In terms of decorating, glass walls can also be frosted, to provide that additional classic aesthetic touch that shows the company is leading the field in terms of thoughtful design techniques. Frosted glass will still allow light into the property while still providing privacy.

Flexible Performance

When you’re constructing a building for numerous tenants, it’s important the building materials are designed for flexible performance. This is yet another of the many benefits associated with architectural glass, which allows construction teams to easily install and uninstall depending on their building requirements, long into the future.This flexibility is critical, for example, when you require a change in the floor plan within the office space, as it means the walls and windows can easily be shifted from the original position to accommodate the new plan. While drywall and other forms of construction material are rigid and require you to maintain the same office layout until the build itself can be renovated, architectural glass walls put design teams in full control of the layout of the property.This also means that when one area of the building is not receiving much light, the architectural glass can be used to replace a wall space and bring in the required natural light.

Modern Style

Companies can achieve their branding goals by appealing to their target customers’ sense of style. The modern style of new companies is often the element that captivates customers and brings attention to the brand; using architectural glass is one of the best ways to achieve this aesthetic.In terms of style, another advantage of architectural glass is that the material blends effectively with products such as metal and wood. This helps create a seamless design that welcomes guests to the building and showcases the company’s commitment to high-level design and branding.

Tips for Choosing Architectural Glass

It’s clear that architectural glass offers great value across the marketplace and can help companies both reduce costs in operating their building and enhance their property style. But what steps should be taken when buying architectural glass products? Read our steps below:

Shop around for installation cost estimates

While you might be able to find a qualified company able to install the glass in your building, it’s important that you shop around during this process and speak to several providers. Find out more about the expenditure involved in installing architectural glass and discuss the process with the installation company directly. This can help you determine the total cost as well as the time involved.

Ask about maintenance requirements

Before moving forward with the installation company, make sure you learn more about the maintenance requirements for the glass. How often does the glass have to be cleaned and are there any special materials involved in the cleaning process? If your team is working within the building, you might delegate cleaning responsibilities to a local professional who has worked with architectural glass in the past.

Find out about the company’s experience

The company providing you with the architectural glass should be able to show that they have decades of experience in the industry and are competent in completing the work to the highest standards. Make sure you review the company’s history and their understanding of the architectural glass manufacturing process.To discover more about the architectural glass and its value in your projects, call Glass Showers and More at 416-800-1156 or contact us here.

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