Important Design Tips for Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Important Design Tips for Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Posted by | 27-02-2019

Customized shower systems are now the height of decorative elegance within the bathroom renovation industry. If you’re about to begin an upgrade project, you might want to learn more about the design options available, to help you create that unique shower enclosure. We have decades of experience in designing glass enclosures for home shower systems. In this latest post, we’re giving you all the benefit of our industry experience by explaining our design tips for custom glass shower systems.

Doors Require Studding Support

Ensure that the wall on which you plan to install your hinged door has the required studding support. A double 2x4 is the best style of support for a hinged door, but you may be able to use a single 2x4 depending on the style of door used within the project. You should also ensure wood studs are used in locations where doors hinge and panels are anchored.

Know Your Angles

Your shower should be built using a 90°,135° or 180° angle. That’s because most shower hardware components are built to accommodate these angles, and following this rule can make the integration process simpler. That said, custom designs are possible, but typically involve the use of experienced, professional installation companies.

Shower Seats, Floors and Curbs Should be Angled

Another consideration when evaluating your shower enclosure options drainage. The shower seating, floors and curbs should all be angled, slightly, towards the main drain. To start, most professionals recommend at least 5°, allowing water to flow toward the drain. This will help prevent pooling water within the shower and will allow for a more comfortable experience.

Avoid Obstructions to the Door Swing

Make sure that nothing interferes with the movement of the shower door during the installation. Consider any level changes for any tile work around the shower (including to accommodate proper drainage), the position of shower heads, the position of the toilet, etc. Take everything into account in your initial design.

Don’t Place the Showerhead Opposite an Opening

The showerhead should be placed opposite a fixed panel or tilted wall to ensure the water remains within the enclosure. Some homeowners make the mistake of installing the showerhead opposite the opening within the enclosure, which allows for water to leak outside the space and cause water problems throughout the bathroom.

Use a Solid Surface for Curb Tops

Solid pieces of granite and marble are considered your best choice for curb tops. That’s because using tiled curb tops increases the risk of a leak within the area, which can substantially limit the value of the shower installation in the home. Choosing a smooth, solid surface ensures there’s little chance of structural problems.

Questions to Consider Before Installing a Shower Enclosure

Now you have a little more information about the tips that can help you to streamline the integration of a glass shower enclosure within your home, let’s look at a few of the questions to consider before you begin the installation process.

1.  Do you prefer a thinner or thicker glass?

Many homeowners now prefer the option of using a thicker glass enclosure with a door that does not require a metal frame. Most people choose at least 10mm thick glass for a frameless option. This provides a sleek appeal as part of a modern, minimalist bathroom redesign. But a metal frame might be the ideal option if there are structural challenges to consider. Make sure you work with your glass specialist to make the right choice given the various design considerations.

2. What pattern of glass do you prefer?

There are a number of great patterns to choose from when selecting a customized shower enclosure and it’s important you book a consultation with a specialist to go over the available options. Make sure you are able to see the difference between several products before choosing one for your home. You should also consider how the shower will interact with your bathroom space, and the requirements, if any, for additional privacy in your enclosure.

3. Is your bathroom a unique configuration?

One of the main challenges in integrating a custom shower enclosure within a bathroom space arises when the bathroom has a unique configuration. Bathrooms with sloping walls and tight corners don’t always lend themselves to the easy installation of a custom shower enclosures. That’s why it’s so important to work with a glass enclosure expert to choose a design that offers full value within the bathroom space. A qualified glass company can help you to make the right decisions about installation considerations and styles of glass to use within the space. They can also help you to ensure that the enclosure is durable and offers lasting performance within the bathroom space throughout the years to come.

To learn more about custom shower enclosures, call Glass Showers and More at 416-800-1156 or contact us here.

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  • Need a shower enclosure, use this company. Incredibly fast delivery and installation. Took about 3 days after they measured for my enclosure to be ready. The glass panels were dead on perfect.
    J. B.
  • Glass Showers and More did a fantastic job on my two shower doors I had them custom create and install. I had called several other custom glass companies within the GTA. Some simply didn’t call me back, others quoted and then said I had to pick up the product and install myself.
    Jason Foroglou
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