How can glass give the house a modern look?

How to Give Your Home a Modern Touch With Glass

Posted by | 07-04-2020

Glass offers endless possibilities for transforming your home both practically and aesthetically. If you are undertaking any modernization project, you will want to consider doing so with a touch of glass.

Below are some ways glass can modernize your home.

Invite Nature Inside

Glass fixtures offer homeowners the perfect opportunity to invite nature inside, especially if you live in a small space. You can use a glass fixture around the view of something like a pond, garden, or other natural elements; glass features can enhance your living space — and even make it appear bigger.

If you live in a condo, this same principle applies to urban environments by utilizing views of urban environs — like skyscrapers — you can create a fresh modern interior aesthetic that few others have.

Here are a few glass fixtures that you can use to invite nature inside:

  1. Glass walls

    You can install windows of any size in your home. This can completely alter an interior space. Add sliding or swing doors for a seamless transition between the inside and the outside world.

  2. Glass floors

    Have you ever considered including structural glass floors in your home design? New types of glazing mean that glass floors can be used almost anywhere and allow you to highlight interesting outdoor elements your property may include. Glass floors are also customizable. With translucent, coloured, and even more unusual styles, glass floors are the epitome of modern chic.

  3. Skylights or a glass roof

    Skylights and glass roofs offer the best of both glass floors and walls and add their own unique quality to a home. Glass roofs extending the living space by bringing in natural light and opening to rooftop patios.

Incorporate Natural Light

Natural light is vital to our physical and psychological well being, and the more you can absorb — especially in the winter — the better.

Aside from practical benefits, the natural light that glass fixtures bring into your home offers an aesthetic advantage as well. It is well known that, in any space, natural light is the best light.

North-facing rooms, for instance, generally get light that is warmer toned and will bring out the best in a dark colour palette. On the other hand, rooms with southern exposure will receive bright natural light that compliments a light palette.

When you design your spaces, consider what colours you are going for and how you can use glass to give it a fresh, modern feel. After all, natural light is free; use it to the advantage of your interior design.

Invest in a Timeless Quality

Modern designs are best not confined to one period or style. Luckily, glass fixtures can be used to create a visual impression that stays relevant for years to come.

While not all glass features will give your home a timeless quality, installations such as glass links can achieve this. If you are renovating a historical home and don't want to compromise the unique quality of your space, modern glazing installations can bring new life and won't degrade with time.

Think Outside the Box

If you plan on using glass to bring a modern twist to your home, have fun and think outside the box!

Glass is often associated with windows, doors, floors, and skylights; but this isn't the entire picture. Glass can be utilized in features as small as a glass sink bowl or a large glazed table. It is really up to you how you bring glass into your home.

What you do want to pay attention to is how your chosen glass fixtures fit in a broader sense. If you are unsure where to begin, start with contacting a professional. They can help you pick and chose the perfect modernizing elements for your home.

To learn more about how to give your home a modern touch with glass, call Glass Showers & More at 416-800-5533 or contact us here.

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