How to Choose the Right Partition Walls for Your Workspace

How to Choose the Right Partition Walls for Your Workspace

Posted by | 03-03-2020

Depending on the environment, there can be a lot of different noises in an office. Phones ringing, people chatting, workers typing on their computers, or loud commotions outside all contribute to noise. These sounds can make working challenging, especially when collaboration is necessary.

Office partitions are a great way to add division and separation in the office. They are ideal for creating a designated workspace. Whether temporary or permanent, these partitions help to build an area that is conducive to productivity. It helps to silence external noises, offering a space that is suitable for meetings, quiet work areas, or spaces where employees can recharge.

Are you interested in utilizing partitions in your office? Below is an overview of the different styles of partitions available and how you can choose the right one for your work area.

1. Wood partition

As with any other type of divider, wood partitions have their advantages. They’re a good option for those seeking complete privacy, as the dividers can conceal the contents of each room entirely.

For many, this type of partition is aesthetically appealing as it offers a very conservative appearance to any office space. Some offices use these barriers to build boardrooms and other related areas that require minimal noise and privacy.

Although wood offers a natural aesthetic, the concern that arises with its use in offices is its fire-resistant properties. In this case, wood is often combined with other elements to improve its response to fire.

2. Aluminum partition

Aluminum partitions or aluminum frames are also often used in offices. These dividers — often combined with glass — offer a reliable solution for separation in your workplace. They are available as a solid structure, foldable, or modular partitions that are very convenient for a growing business.

Much like the wooden walls, aluminum partitions also provide appropriate sound protection. They are successful in keeping sounds out and maintaining privacy. Many office managers choose this option because of the pleasant aesthetic, the variation in styles, and available designs.

3. Glass partition

Glass partition walls are commonly used in many offices. Similar to aluminum frames, they are highly customizable. Frosted glass, prints, and even special paint can be used to modify its appearance to match your branding.

These transparent partitions create a sleek and up-to-date look in offices that is quite distinguishable. The glass makes them airy and so great in an open-concept space. The openness it affords encourages a natural flow of light, limiting the need for additional lighting in separated areas.

Without frames, glass partition walls make a great impression and are generally well-received by clients.

Choosing the Right Partition Walls

As business needs change exponentially, opting for partition walls has proven to be the most cost-effective decision. These partitions can be quickly erected and uninstalled as requirements shift. Therefore, individual rooms and spaces can be constructed to support the growing needs within the office. However, before choosing a partition wall understanding, the advantages of each partition can help guide your decision.

1. Aesthetics

Without a doubt, one of the primary concerns when choosing a partition wall is its visual appeal. This factor is important because aesthetics are part of branding your business. A professional and appealing office gives a great first and lasting impression on clients. Paying attention to how each partition can improve or elevate the look of your office is crucial.

Questions to consider include: Are you seeking traditional or a more stylistic aesthetic? Or, are you considering a more exposed, and spacious office concept? For a conventional and compartmentalized office space, wood is suitable. Aluminum, but more so glass, is more contemporary, offering a more open appeal.

2. Flexibility

Wood partitions are far more robust than aluminum or glass partitions. The density of these dividers makes them more suitable for permanent solutions as they are less mobile. Relocating or repositioning these walls to suit organizational needs as required can pose a problem.

Glass partition walls or aluminum offer more flexibility as they can be easily taken apart to accommodate shifting needs. They can be dismantled to develop new spaces and create an area that is better suited for productivity in your office.

3. Economical value

Partition walls are very cost-effective. Their economic value, practicality, and portability make them suitable for restructuring a workplace. As emphasized, it is their mobility and cost savings that makes them so ideal for office reconstruction.

With partitions, new spaces can be created without breaking down existing walls or shutting down the office for lengthy periods. Instead, they can be erected in just a few hours, saving time and minimizing the financial impact on your business.

4. Privacy

Before choosing a partition, consider visibility. Some offices prefer having the utmost privacy when in some regions of the office. For this reason, you may consider partitions that provide more concealment.

Solid wood partitions, aluminum walls with integral blinds, or a glass partition with frosted glass may be chosen. However, it is based on your preferences and the level of privacy you are seeking to obtain.

The business world is in constant flux. Businesses must adapt quickly to shifting circumstances. Partition walls offer expediency as they yield immediate results that respond to changing office specifications. With the addition of these walls, you can change the dynamics of your office instantaneously.

To learn more about how to choose the right partitions for your workspace, call Glass Showers & More at 416-800-1156, or contact us here.

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