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Frameless Double Sliding Barn Door Systems for Shower and Bath Enclosures

Posted by | 14-12-2018

Whether looking to add beauty to your home, or add to its resale value, frameless double sliding doors are an amazing addition to your bathroom. They’re a premium fixture that sets a home apart, impressing anyone who appreciates elegant design.

A framed shower unit is the classier evolution of a simple curtain hanging on metal rings. Frameless units are the next stage in contemporary shower setups, providing a more sleek appearance. The frameless panels look like free-floating cubes of glass. Frameless glass shower systems run more expensively than their framed counterparts, but they are worth the investment.

Other benefits of a frameless double sliding barn door system include:

  • An easier-to-clean shower. Shower frames can hide a lot of dirt and grime, but frameless showers expose everything and are a breeze to wipe down. This also discourages the presence of mould, which can be a persistent issue in bathrooms and produce an off-putting odour.
  • A stunning presence in your bathroom. The illusion of floating glass surrounding a generous shower or bath shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make every room a statement.
  • Frameless double sliding barn doors maximize the space in your bathroom. Since bathrooms are most often the smallest room in the home, it’s desirable to use techniques that make the space seem larger than it really is. Frameless shower doors do just that.
  • Easy to get in and out: WIth both glass panels moving, your ability to access your shower is never impeded by a fixed glass panel.

Most frameless bath and shower door models are custom created for each bathroom. This means you’re not confined to whatever measurements your local home supply store has in stock. This will, however, require that you take thorough measurements and have a professional assess your space.

Glass is generally not cut square for frameless shower doors. Taking precise measurements at the start of your project will prevent the need for costly adjustments partway through. Since most frameless doors are custom fabricated, it’s essential that every step in the process be double- and triple-checked.

Frameless showers can be much heavier than framed doors because they are solely comprised of glass. In aggregate, the glass and hardware for your custom frameless shower and sometimes weigh up to 1000 pounds, which is another reason to involve professionals. Dealing with glass of that weight can be dangerous, both during installation and afterward (if it’s not installed properly) when people are using the shower. A very ambitious handy person can attempt installing the frameless double sliding barn doors themselves, but it’s recommended to at least have your work verified by licensed professionals who are well accustomed to this type of work.

Another reason professional installation is important is potential leakage if the glass is not cut and fitted perfectly. If there is a gap between the doors, then water can escape from the shower enclosure while in use. This makes for quite a damp bathroom, not to mention being a waste of water and a slipping hazard. There should be only 1/6 to 1/32 of an inch gap between the doors and the rest of the structure.

Are you ready to take the plunge and go for double sliding barn doors for your bath or shower system? Here are the next steps:

  • Look for a well-reputed company that specializes in glass home elements. A great way to start is to ask for referrals. If a friend or family member has a gorgeous bathroom in their home, ask who did their work. A word from a personal connection is worth more than any online review.
  • Take pre-measurements so you can give a comprehensive explanation of the project you’re looking to do once you’ve settled on a company. Tell them the square footage of your bathroom as well as your current bath setup, and let them know what your desired square footage of the new enclosure is to be.
  • Agree on a budget and timeframe. Both of these items may fluctuate during the course of the installation, but it’s important to produce ballpark numbers so that the client and installers both know what to aim for. Ask for a fixed-price contract for greater certainty in pricing.
  • Get inspiration! Your bath area is about to look like a five-star spa. Look for ways to spruce up the rest of your bathroom to achieve a luxurious, cohesive look.

Double sliding barn doors are currently one of the most popular trends in home design. The absence of metal or rubber framing lends continuity and elegance to the entire room, and shows a true eye for progressive home modelling. If you have the time, budget, and enthusiasm, then certainly consider a frameless double sliding barn door shower system for your next renovation project.

If you’re looking for glass specialists for your next home update, contact the experts at Glass Showers And More. We can be reached by phone at (416) 491-8815 or via our contact page here. Proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 35 years, we are a leading supplier of custom glass and mirror products. Tell us your requirements and we can help you get your next project underway.

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  • Need a shower enclosure, use this company. Incredibly fast delivery and installation. Took about 3 days after they measured for my enclosure to be ready. The glass panels were dead on perfect.
    J. B.
  • Glass Showers and More did a fantastic job on my two shower doors I had them custom create and install. I had called several other custom glass companies within the GTA. Some simply didn’t call me back, others quoted and then said I had to pick up the product and install myself.
    Jason Foroglou
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