Designing Smart with Decorative Mirrors

Designing Smart with Decorative Mirrors

Posted by | 07-06-2019

Have you ever been in a bathroom and looked up from the sink, only to find a blank wall? There’s something about mirrors that just tie rooms together. Mirrors are a crucial part of our everyday routines before we step foot out the door, but what about the mirrors we choose for decorative purposes?

Finding the right kind to suit your personal or business needs can be a real challenge if you don’t know your options or what to look out for. Read further for design-inspiring ideas to help you choose the best decorative mirrors.

1. Reflect your style

If you want more than just a standard vanity mirror, consider playing around with designs that add a unique style.

2. Segmented antique mirrors

Segmented antique mirrors, for instance, can boost the aesthetic appeal of a room with their abstract design. These are made up of various small segments arranged in a wide array of designs to create a single, large mirror. Going with an aged bronze, gold, or silver frame, you can add rustic charm to spaces in need of some welcoming character. An extra bonus is the great talking point these decorative mirrors can be among guests or clients.

3. Tinted mirrors

Like some segmented styles, tinted mirrors function primarily as a stylistic piece more so than for practical purposes. If you have other mirror surfaces to consult before you run out the door in the morning, consider the modern, sleek look achieved by tinted bronze or grey mirrors.

Bronze tones, especially when situated in main entrances or living rooms next to sunlit windows, will bathe rooms in instant warmth with reflected copper colours.

You can also channel the opposite end of the colour spectrum with the cool appeal of a gray shade. Finding this unique tint can be difficult at times, but the subtle, smokey colours achieved by grey tints are worth seeking a glass and mirror company that offers this option.

4. Acid etched mirrors

These are another step in the direction of using mirrors for sheer aesthetics. These matte alternatives are more subtle in their reflective qualities, but they will still look vibrant in the light. With a satiny finish, acid etched mirrors retain some reflection to keep a shiny, clean appearance. They’re perfect as wall coverings and often work well in bathrooms and kitchens. You’ve probably seen plenty of this mirror style in commercial spaces as well, such as on elevator exteriors and in modern office foyers.

A great thing about acid-etched mirrors is that you have an abundance of options when it comes to tints. Choose anything from neutral tones to bright hues; you can even go on-trend and opt for rose gold.

5. Shape up to suit the space

Depending on the space you want to decorate, you may find that certain shapes clash or complement with architectural or stylistic characteristics already present. Consider the following effects certain shapes tend to have on the human eye and think of which could be best used to your advantage:

  • Wide, horizontal mirrors draw the eye along long lines and accentuate wall length
  • Tall, vertical mirrors will draw the eye up and accentuate wall height
  • Curved or rounded mirrors can serve to lend a softer, romantic look to a space, especially when paired with a whimsical or light-coloured frame
  • Sharp-angled mirrors, such as those in a rectangle or square shape, can lend an orderly appearance and tends to work well in most spaces

In some cases, you may also want to consider the pros and cons of having your mirrors mounted or framed with high, downward sloping edges. Prominent framing or mounting will also make your mirrors pop with a three-dimensional look. These can be a functional choice if you anticipate the mirror will be a permanent or semi-permanent fixture.

6. Use sizing strategically

Of course, nothing cramps your style so much as the feeling of being stuck in a tiny space. The size you choose for your mirror will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your plan for the room, no matter the style you choose. Although a tinted mirror may be striking, for instance, its appeal is easily dwarfed if it is small and placed in a massive room.

To make a mirror a key focal point, consider a size that is well-proportioned to where you plan to put it. In some cases, you can balance out that ‘lost’ look of a smaller mirror by adding a bold or large accenting frame.

Alternately, you can tone down the overpowering qualities of a larger mirror by going frameless. This strategy works especially well in the case of mirror walls. Proving that less is more, a mirror wall’s sheer size works to your advantage, as it blends in with the background.

The best part about using oversized mirrors is that they can work to make the most of extremely limited square footage. Reflections across large dimensions will create the illusion of a bigger space by visually ‘deepening’ the room. You have probably even seen some small businesses successfully use mirror walls to match the open-concept feel of larger competitor venues.

Perhaps investing in a single large mirror doesn’t meet your stylistic needs. You can also use multiple small mirrors — ideally in the same shape — and group them with equal room between each. Arranging small mirrors in this way can help to fill up some white spaces without actually filling, creating an eclectic, abstract appearance.

For example, a series of simple, small square mirrors arranged either horizontally or vertically work cohesively to create a larger, rectangular shape. Arrangements like this can make otherwise plain mirrors a focal art piece, intriguingly catching fragments of reflections.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in making the most of your space with mirrors, get started today with a trusted glass and mirror company that specializes in customizing designs for clients.

For more information on decorative mirrors, call Glass Showers and More at 416-491-8815 or contact us here.

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