Design Tips: Mirrors Are Not Just for the Bathroom

Design Tips: Mirrors Are Not Just for the Bathroom

Posted by | 17-04-2019
While most homeowners believe that mirrors can only serve a purpose when used effectively in the bathroom space, mirrors are now actually being used throughout the home. They add a distinct appeal to home spaces in which there are fewer design elements and so it’s important to carefully consider the value that mirrors can bring to your home environment. In this post, we’ll explain a few of the many design benefits to using mirrors throughout your home.

Enhance the space in any room

Designers have known for many years the value that a mirror can bring to a home. For example, mirrors can be used to deflect attention from a specific area of the property that perhaps you don’t want to show off. You can also use a mirror to add depth to a space that’s otherwise “too small” for a piece of furniture. Mirrors can also be used to enhance a room during an event in the home. For example, some homeowners use mirrors to make it appear as if they are more people in the room without the challenge of squeezing more guests into a tight space.

Use a mirror to dictate the center of the room

In rooms that don’t have a fireplace or a natural focal point, you can use the mirror to centre the space and bring order the design elements within the room. Even in rooms with a fireplace, you can place the mirror above to improve the impact that both elements have within the space and to capture the attention of your guests. For example, some homeowners are now using mirrors with a decorative frame instead of a framed picture to bring order to otherwise formless rooms.

An option for windowless rooms

Windowless rooms can often appear dark and uninviting, and so many homeowners are now using mirrors as a way to brighten up space. You can use mirrors throughout the space to shine across the room and bring more attention to aesthetic elements. Ensure the mirror is situated close to your light source to capitalize on this effect fully.

Work with mirrors of a unique shape

Uniquely shaped mirrors can add distinct value to your home decor. For example, you can use a mirror with a distinct shape to match it with modern-looking furniture. The process helps to achieve the right aesthetic blend within your home and to bring otherwise disjointed elements together. When choosing your mirror shape and style, ensure you take into consideration the angles within the room and the role that light might play in making the room appeal. Look for ways to bring light to darkened corners, and to focus the attention both on the mirror and on the decor as a cohesive element.

Use a small mirror to give the appearance of more room in hallways

Running small mirrors at the side of a narrow hallway area can make the area seem wider and longer. Many homeowners are now using mirrors in this way to mitigate the impact that smaller spaces have within the home. For example, you might use a slim pier mirror to stretch across a wall within the home to give the appearance of space without the need to extend walls or other structural elements.

Add multiple mirrors to a wall as decoration

Mirrors are sometimes used in large numbers to create a distinct pattern on a wall space. This is the perfect choice within home designs where there is a large amount of space to work with and the home has few paintings, wall clocks or other interior design elements. When adding multiple mirrors to the home wall, you can either use mirrors that are the same style and shape for a more balanced approach. Or you can use different styles of mirror for a more eclectic, modern aesthetic. Mirrors give you a great many options when designing the space, and can help make the area uniquely yours.

Double Mirrors Up to Create Symmetry

One area that many are now capitalizing on through the use of mirrors is working with mirrors to create symmetry. Symmetry is often key to the best home designs, and you can hang two mirrors either side of a doorway, for example, to create that engaging appeal within the home. You might also use a mirror on opposite sides of a room to create the required design balance that will appeal to your home guests.

Use Mirrors Outdoors in Patio Spaces

Mirrors aren’t just a great addition to the inside of your home. Many property owners are now taking the time to install outdoor mirrors on their patios and decks. The mirror can be used to create the illusion of more greenery with the installation of the mirror close to the garden. The mirror can also be added to fencing for a unique design addition that brings together a landscape design project.

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