Benefits of Having Glass Partition Walls in Your Office

Benefits of Having Glass Partition Walls in Your Office

Posted by | 07-10-2019

Glass partition walls can completely transform any office space. They are a great way to open up an office space or divide it into two without making an area feel closed off. They are also timelessly classic and chic.

Interested in discovering the benefits? Listed below are the benefits of having glass partition walls installed in your office.

1. More natural light

Have you ever worked in an office filled with dark cubicles with little exposure to natural light? You’re not alone! When it comes to many workplaces, a lack of natural light is a major concern, especially since poor lighting often results in reduced workplace productivity and staff fatigue.

One simple way to improve the health and morale of employees is to manipulate your exposed or existing office layout to optimize the amounts of natural light everyone has access through during the day — and the best way to do this is by adding a glass partition walls! But remember, it is always best to have them professionally installed using the right hardware so that your investment is safe and looks great for years to come.

2. Long-lasting

Glass partitions are a long-term solution to managing how to break up your office space. Apart from being an extremely versatile partitioning option, the material used to install these partitions, on the thickness of the glass used, will withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday office use. As long as nobody developed a habit of constantly touching the glass, they are easy to take care of!

As you don’t have to worry about how long your investment will last, the only thing you will have to do is decide on the type of glass to install in your workplace. There are so many options on the market that can really define the look and feel of your workspace. The glass you choose will also play a role in how to decorate the rest of the space as well.

3. Aesthetic value

No matter what field you are in, it is competitive. More than ever it is becoming important for companies to find ways to establish themselves as unique and highly-valuable players in their field. With this comes the increasing need to win over new clients, and make old clients stick around - which is proving a hard task for some.

While there is only so much you can do on the business side of things, you will be surprised to hear about how important aesthetic value is to clients. They want to feel like they are paying for a certain standard of excellence, as defined by your outward facade.

Undeniably, office glass partitions provide an elegant, beautiful corporate look and feel to the office. They scream prestige. With an almost endless variety of treatments available — like frosting or etching — you can set the tone and create a distinctly modern feel that complements any workplace.

4. Improved productivity

As mentioned above, installing glass partition walls in your office often enhances productivity among staff. While creating a more open and inviting work environment, partition walls create a certain degree of office transparency so that when an employee is not doing their work, it is more than obvious. With the knowledge that they might be under scrutiny, employees carry out work more diligently.

Apart from discouraging laziness, glass panels encourage employee accountability, both of which contribute to improved levels of productivity. The installation of glass office partitions also helps to reduce noise pollution in the office because they are somewhat soundproof, which minimizes distractions and improves productivity.

5. Privacy

One of the most significant barriers for many employers making the choice to go glass is concerns over privacy. How much transparency is too much?

Although it may be hard to believe, installing glass partition walls in your office does not necessarily have to compromise privacy. For cases where privacy is a concern, regular glass can be swapped out for a frosted treatment. This design decision provides the same open feel and provides just as much natural light as any other type of glass, all without compromising office privacy!

6. Flexibility

Making the decision to install glass partition walls in your office is not cheap. However, the biggest financial gain you will gain from installing glass office partitions comes from the amount of flexibility offered in terms of design and layout.

While changing the layout of the room with permanent walls is an unrealistic and costly affair, open-concept spaces allow you a certain degree of flexibility that doesn’t necessarily mean installing cubicles. Compared to any other option, glass partition walls also allow you to change the design for years to come. It is easy to dismount partitions and move them from one place to another, which allows you to create more or less workspace as needed.

Keep in mind that you will likely incur a cost for dismounting and repositioning your glass partitions since you need to call on a professional to help move them.

When choosing to install glass partition walls inside your office, you are making a long-term investment. Make sure you do your research and work with a company that has been around — and will be around — for a long time to help you address any issues that arise in the future. After all, the quality of your purchase depends on the quality of the company selling and installing it.

At Glass Showers and More, we know what you want, and that is a high quality, attractive and functionally useful product. We constantly aim to constantly improve the glass products we manufacture. When you choose our architectural glass products, you are getting the best!

To learn more about how glass partition walls could improve your office, call Glass Showers and More today at 416-491-8815 or contact us here.

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