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  • Need a shower enclosure, use this company. Incredibly fast delivery and installation. Took about 3 days after they measured for my enclosure to be ready. The glass panels were dead on perfect.
    J. B.
  • Glass Showers and More did a fantastic job on my two shower doors I had them custom create and install. I had called several other custom glass companies within the GTA. Some simply didn’t call me back, others quoted and then said I had to pick up the product and install myself.
    Jason Foroglou
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Glass Showers and More is a leading provider of custom glass and mirror products serving home builders, contractors and home-owners in the Greater Toronto Area. With our in-house fabrication capabilities, we are able to provide our customers with highly customized solutions for all of their glass needs. Our team of product experts and installers allows us to provide a truly turn-key glass solution to our customers.