6 Uses of Back-Painted Glass in Interior Design

6 Uses of Back-Painted Glass in Interior Design

Posted by | 17-03-2020

Transparent glass is often utilized for its sophistication and contemporary style in interior design. Although it can be a trendy addition, it is also used to impart a sense of openness in spaces that appear undefined. Without dulling natural light, glass helps to create division and foster separation without being completely closed off from its exterior.

To convey more style and offer a unique element of modern elegance to a room, interior designs have begun incorporating painted glass. Glass adds sophistication. When painted, a unique colour offers versatility. Any colour can be achieved to add exceptional style to any room or design.

There are many ways painted glass is incorporated into designs. Are you intrigued by the bright colours and originality of this decorative addition? Below are some of the diverse ways painted glass is used.

What is back-painted glass?

Before we begin divulging in the different uses of back-painted glass, it’s also important to highlight what it is. The name is quite self-explanatory, but underlining its nature is fundamental. Back-painted glass is glass that is painted from the backside, revealing a non-translucent front side. Instead of being transparent glass, you get a solid block of coloured glass. The back-painted glass comes in vivid colours and is often used as accent walls, partitions, and doorways.

1. Accent wall

The purpose of accent walls is to create a focal point as it encourages individuals to direct their attention to certain areas of a room. For this reason, back-painted glass is used to highlight or accentuate particular elements in a space. Due to its ability to be customized, back-painted glass is a high-profile accent item. It’s used in both residential and commercial settings.

In commercial offices, back-painted glass is often used in open areas where it’s the most discernible. Corridors or hallways are often accented with back-painted walls. Particularly though, reception areas are decorated with these glasses.

It’s generally the wall behind reception desks that are replaced with back-painted glass. Here, it is strategically used to focus the attention of patrons, or those entering the office to this area.

Additionally, back-painted glass is utilized to add character and personality. In many instances, particular brand colours are used to show originality. It makes your brand immediately distinguishable amongst patrons, as well as keep your brand and its values alive for its workers. Using specific colours in the back-painted glass helps to emit positive emotions, and keep tenets consistent.

2. Built-in front desk accents

Aside from replacing walls behind reception desks, back-painted glass can also be used as panels on the front of reception desks. Much like accent walls, they can help to draw attention to this area, highlighting its importance. Choosing to add this design element to your front desk can be a great alternative to an accent wall, as it offers the same advantages.

3. Office cabinet doors

In workplaces, storage is necessary. Without it, papers, documents, office supplies, and other items would be all over the place. There would be clutter due to disorganization and things not being in proper places. Areas such as lunchrooms, personal offices, photocopy rooms, and other spaces all require adequate storage.

Replacing basic office cabinet doors with back-painted glass doors adds character to these rooms. It not only conceals items but operates as an eye-catching design element. Enhancing these areas with this feature can improve how they are received by office personnel.

4. Partition

In-office settings, creating customized work areas is often necessary. Doing so helps to create separation and designated spaces for specific tasks. Boardrooms, individual offices, quiet workspaces, and other rooms are constructed to improve work efficiency. Commonly, transparent glass partition walls are used as dividers. They offer separation and privacy without completely segregating office personnel. The transparency of glass partitions provides a sense of openness.

Alternatively, back-painted glass walls are being used in commercial settings. Although opaque, they offer a unique sense of separation. Back-painted glass walls offer dual advantages. They create division while also complimenting office décor. For office managers seeking to elevate the appearance of their workspace, these glass walls are quite aesthetically pleasing.

5. Glass dry-erase boards

In commercial office settings, markerboards are commonly used for collaboration. Traditionally white dry-erase boards are used to jot down information during meetings. Information is generally marked down on these boards for everyone to see. It’s done to organize thoughts and generate creativity amongst colleagues.

However, using a back-painted glass wall in replacement of traditional markerboards is a very stylistic alternative. It offers functionality while also acting as an attractive visual piece. In some instances, whiteboards can be an eye-sore in a modernly designed office. Incorporating a back-painted glass for this purpose can be a great contemporary alternative to a whiteboard.

6. Coloured glass conference table

Sometimes, back-painted glass is used as a conference table. Instead of using traditional wooden desks, a coloured glass table is incorporated. It offers a fresh pop of colour to a mundane setting. Choosing the right colour can help to foster joyful emotions, which can help to encourage positive collaboration.

According to Entrepreneur.com, studies have indicated that specific colours in the office foster beneficial results. Dark colours have been identified as hues that induce feelings of sadness. Bright colours not only stir feelings of happiness, but also improve productivity and the willingness to create. Choosing the right colour for your glass table can help fuel collaboration.

The integration of glass accents in commercial spaces is becoming increasingly popular. It offers a modern element that is highly recognizable and appealing to patrons. They can be used to provide a focal point and command attention to a particular area.

To learn more about the uses of back-painted glass in interior design, contact Glass Showers & More at 416-800-1156, or contact us here.

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