6 Considerations for Choosing a Glass Backsplash

6 Considerations for Choosing a Glass Backsplash

Posted by | 19-06-2019

When it comes to backsplashes, glass is in vogue. These installations are integral to pulling together kitchens and bathrooms due to their protective function against water damage. With so many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of 6 considerations when choosing a glass backsplash.

1. Plan for versatility

With so many interesting designs and colours to choose from, it can be tempting to make an eclectic, stand-out aesthetic choice when it comes to your backsplash. If your home is already styled to your preference, feel free to have fun with these kinds of designs. For many, however, a more neutral backsplash may be the way to go.

Unlike some cabinetry and other semi-permanent fixtures, a backsplash, once installed, takes a fair bit of money and effort to remove or replace. If you go with a showy backsplash and decide five years later that you want to remodel the rest of the kitchen or bathroom in a wildly different direction, your plans may come with extra costs.

That being said, you don’t have to feel chained down to choosing pure whites. Grey and black can offset many colour palettes beautifully. If it matches, you can even opt for marbled or glitter-splashed neutral colours to give neutrals an extra pop. Generally, you will at the very least want to go with either a monochrome look to keep things clean and crisp.

Finally, just like any match, sometimes opposites attract. If your space, particularly the kitchen, is otherwise plain and simple in design, a bright backsplash can be the perfect accent to add some style flavour. You can even choose to keep just a few accented tiles if you’re wary of making a long term commitment to ‘loud’ colours.

2. Aim for durability

Sometimes the most beautiful designs can’t stand the test of time. Remember that the kitchen and bathroom are spaces that undergo daily use, so aesthetics shouldn’t be your only consideration. If your backsplash design can’t handle ‘splash’, it’s probably not the best choice.

One option that is especially known for its durability is sheet glass. Due to its transparency, the back side — the side against the wall — can be painted in just about any colour. Mosaic glass is another popular option. An overall advantage of glass backsplashes over some other materials is ease of cleaning. Unlike textured stone, for instance, glass can be easily wiped down in one go. This means that spaghetti sauce can splatter away without the need to bat an eye.

A final benefit of choosing a backsplash you won’t want or need to rip out later is that minimal renovations are more environmentally conscious. Your home and the world wins when you choose wisely the first time around.

3. Take cues from cabinets and countertops

If you are remodelling your kitchen or bathroom from scratch, a good strategy is to pick out your countertop and cabinet colours before anything else. If they’ll be hit with direct sunlight from a window at certain points during the day, hold them up in natural light to get an accurate sense of what your core colours will be. If these items happen to feature prominent designs or patterns, that’s probably a cue that a simpler, monochrome backsplash will complement them best.

Finally, the style of cabinets and countertops can help you choose the shape of your tiles. An overall rustic appearance, for example, can pair well with brick-shaped tiles, whereas a sleek, modern look can be amplified with neat squares or eye-drawing hexagons.

4. Think about grout

If you aren’t one hundred up to speed on backsplash terminology, grout is the paste that fills spaces between tiles. Although grout may seem like a minimal aspect of design, the wrong colour can easily take a wise one-colour scheme into multi-coloured territory. While white may seem like the safest option from a design perspective, you may want to tone it down with a less vibrant hue.

When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to go with grout that is one shade lighter than the colour — or most prominent colour — present in your backsplash. Black is another relatively safe option. The big takeaway here is that grout is usually not the aspect of backsplash design where you should channel your individual style with bright pops of colours. Low-key and subdued tends to be the way to go.

5. Factor in dimensions

Backsplash height is usually measured to meet the bottom edges of shelves or cabinets. However, there are a couple of other options you may want to consider, such as installing a backsplash up to the ceiling to create an illusion of awe-inspiring height. Standard sizing — the average backsplash height of 18 inches — can be a good starting point to in terms of initial budgeting and planning. However, if you are unsure about measurements or know that you’ll need unique dimensions to achieve your dream kitchen or bathroom, be sure to contact a company that specializes in custom glass backsplashes.

6. Order with time in mind

A benefit of going with a local company that creates in-house fabrications is that it’s the best guarantee that your home project will be completed on time. Ordering glass tiles from across the province or the border may come with a myriad of complications. Working with far away companies or those that heavily outsource custom products will add extra days to your renovation timeline, and sometimes even months. Additionally, shipping fragile items, such as glass tiles, comes with the added risk of breakage, delays, costs, and customs fees.

To learn more about your custom glass backsplash options, call Glass Showers and More at 416-491-8815, or contact us here.

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